- she / they
- white british
- 29th august, virgo
- asexual lesbian (romantically)
- demi-girl
- a minor

fave series

mains in bold

project sekai, primagi, persona (4 is my fave!), pokemon (mainly swsh), one piece, precure, aikatsu, vocaloid
and many more I tweet about once every 2 months

fave characters

mains in bold

project sekai
kohane azusawa, an shiraishi, emu ootori, luka megurine, mizuki akiyama, ena shinomone
lemon kokoa, hina yayoi, chimumu
futaba sakura, naoto shirogane, rise kujikawa, kanji tatsumi, yukari takeba, aigis, koromaru ryuji sakamoto, haru okumura, kasumi yoshizawa
hana nono, all the hugtto cures, kokone fuwa, manatsu natsuumi, towa akagi, lala hagorome
hop, sonia, lillie (and also the entirety of the swsh cast)
akari oozora, sumire hikami, ako saotome, kaguya shirayuri, nico robin, chopper, hancock, perona, shizuku osaka, ren hazuki


felicity dream
an idol art project i work on! featuring original characters, art and story

aikatsu crescent
an aikatsu fanseires featuring original characters and art. it's old but it means a lot to me

before you follow

- i retweet a lot
- which fandom i'm tweeting the most about changes pretty quickly
- i get pretty shy but i still welcome interactions with open arms! I'm just bad at initiating the conversation myself
- I'm aware of, and am critical of, the harmful and problematic content in some of my interests.
- akian (akito x an from prsk) and shutaba (protag x futaba from p5) both make me uncomfortable. if you tweet about them romantically often I'll likely block or mute you
- Please please please don't try to talk to me about Naoto discourse. it makes me uncomfortable and i dont want to talk about it.
(tagging any mentions of it with // harmony dont look would be really appreciated it ;u;)
do not interact if:
- you fit into basic dni criteria (racist, homophobic etc)
- you are not critical of your interests.
- you believe mspec lesbians exist.
- you are or support proshippers.

thank you for reading : )